Vapor & E-Cigarette Test (3)


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  • Perfect for use by parents, coaches and others concerned with teen health.
  • Twice as sensitive as standard nicotine/cotinine tests, which are designed for traditonal tobacco...
  • Detect Vapor and E-Cigarette Use.

Electronic Cigarette: How Does it work?

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Electronic Cigarettes Vapor: What Comes Out of ECigs?

Electronic cigarettes are rising in popularity every month, and people are using them as an alternative to cigarettes. Because these devices are so new, however, there are a number of questions that surround them. In particular, people want to know exactly what cigarette vapor is. While most understand that vapor is not smoke and does not leave behind a strong smell, electronic cigarette vapor is still a...

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Yahoo answersWhat would you do, if you found an E-cigarette in your teenagers room?

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    my mom would still beat my ass.

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  • E-cigarette use growing

    Electronic cigarettes — also called e-cigs, vapor cigarettes or just “vapes” — dispense flavors and nicotine through a vapor-producing device. A battery-operated heater helps create the illusion of smoking, down to the visual effect of the water

  • Vapor CEO Talks Electronic Cigarettes

    E-cigarettes arrived on the scene a few years ago and were immediately labeled a fad. However, with developments in the industry and improvements to the product, it is becoming clear that e-cigarettes are here to stay, according to Kevin Frija, CEO of

  • Are Electronic Cigarette Stocks a Healthy Investment? LO, RAI, SFIO, VPCO ...

    A closer look as electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) stocks or players Lorillard Inc (LO), Reynolds American (RAI), Smokefree Innotec (SFIO), Vapor Corp (VPCO) and Medifirst Solutions (MFST). By John Udovich. Dec 17, 2012 5:49:23 AM PST | 547 View(s

  • Local bylaws cloud future use of electronic cigarettes

    "It's a very simple product that a lot of people are banging their heads that they didn't develop," said Thomas Kiklas, co-founder of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. Electronic or vapor cigarettes are now widely available and sales

  • Are Electronic Cigarettes A Healthier Alternative?

    Electronic cigarettes are booming. Germans love to smoke, but love dying not so much, and so an estimated two million people in Germany have already turned to the vapor cigarette, which many view as a healthy alternative to conventional smoking.

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