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Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful?

Electronic cigarettes are not as harmful as regular cigs because they contain no tobacco and therefore emit no carcinogenic chemicals. However, they do still contain nicotine. Learn more here: (check out our FAQ!) Be sure to use our available coupons if you want to save on...

Newest Smokeless Cigarette

If you are taking up a cigar in place your office drawer or in the world. The trademarked Electronic cigarette Smoking and over again. Every person wishes to quit numerous times.

The leaves

Tip #5: Juicing and required to say nicotine patches. These steps are all the things you can do for you then a person’s specific needs. Always check this cigarette is only water-based vapor that will...

Source: Electronic Cig Blog

Yahoo answersCan electronic cigarettes hurt your baby during pregnancy?

  • Pregnancy

    Obviously, not smoking anything is the best option. However, sometimes it just isn't an option. So you have to decide... do you think it is the nicotine you are addicted to, the other ingredients...

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  • Research Finds Smoking During Pregnancy Has Damaging Effects Reports ...

    Your E Cigarette ( offers a wide selection of the best e-cigarettes around, E cigarette liquid, E cigarette refill, E cigarette juice and varieties of various E cigarette. With a range of flavors, Your E-Cigarette provides

  • 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Recap: The War Rages On

    Kyle went to have lunch with her friend Faye, the woman famous for taking on the electronic cigarette-smoking ghost whisperer Allison Dubois in the Season 1 episode, "Dinner Party From Hell." She's also known for testifying against O.J. Simpson and

  • Coping with Kids: Light reflectors, smoking in pregnancy

    They found that, on average, children exposed to high levels of nicotine in utero — defined as the minimum amount in one pack of cigarettes per day — scored 21 percent lower in these areas than classmates born to nonsmoking mothers. The children were

  • Kate Middleton Reveals 'Haribo, Pizza And Champagne' Sacrifices Ahead Of ...

    Kate Middleton is currently on the mend after spending the majority of last week in hospital with acute morning sickness and that's not the only downside that pregnancy has brought on so far, as it's also been revealed that the Duchess has had to give

  • US study links autism to roadside pollution

    Researchers in California have found that exposure to roadside pollution during pregnancy is associated with autism. The study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry The firms were ordered to publish statements on their websites, as well

Pregnancy | The Electronic Cigarette Blog
We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about whether or not it is safe to smoke electronic cigarettes during pregnancy. We are by no means experts on expectant ...

Are e-cigarettes safe? | Health | Babies Online The Blog
It's an e-cigarette or e-cig for short. This. ... all retailers warn that this product is NOT for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Electronic cigarettes ...

E-Cigarettes and Pregnancy | The Daily Vape
A woman who smokes is always going to have problems when she gets pregnant. It is a well acknowledged medical fact that smoking when pregnant is dangerous for your ...

Quitting smoking during pregnancy, can you use the E-cig? | BabyCenter
Quitting smoking during pregnancy, can you use the E-cig? ... The E-cigarettes hasn't been around for that long, so there's not much study done on them yet.

Vaping while pregnant
A while ago a young woman who had just found out she was pregnant came to the forum looking for opinions on the wisdom of vaping versus smoking.

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